Finding NZ Catering Services For Your Event

dishesWhen you want catering for your event, you want it done right. And the best way to do that is to start with the right NZ catering company for the occasion.

When we hear the word “catering”, we immediately think of weddings, parties and work functions. However, caterers can be used for whatever occasion you like – from a quiet dinner party for a few friends right up to full weekend events involving tens of thousands of people.

Whatever the special event is, there are caterers who can provide exactly what you want. Mostly you won’t need to look further than local companies, but sometimes for more specialist events you may need to go further afield.

There are also many different types of food service you can use for your event. Traditional is fine, if you want traditional. But you can also have everything from a hangi to a spit roast too.

Here’s just a few examples of the sort of thing you might like to try for your next event:-

  • Private Chef Catering – this is perfect for those intimate home meals where you seriously want to impress, but want to make sure you spend your time at the table not in the kitchen.
  • Corporate Lunch Catering – wining and dining potential or existing clients, or rewarding a team, corporate lunches are perfect and can be easily managed from just a small table to the entire company.
  • Spit Roasts – great fun and very popular right now. We all love a BBQ anyway, but add a full sized hog on a spit all cooked and carved by an expert team and you’re looking at a BBQ to remember.
  • Cocktail Catering – maybe you have the food sorted already, or want to take things to the next level. Add a full bar and a couple of expert cocktail bartenders and you’re in a for a night to remember. You can even have waiters on hand too.


And that’s just a hint of what is possible for your next event.

Hiring both the right service, and choosing the right type of catering can make or break an event. So it’s best to talk with a few different companies before making your final choice.

Have a great time.

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